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Getting Reimbursed

Call Your Insurance First

Ask your insurance about out-of-pocket physical therapy services.

  • They may have a pre-approval process.

  • They may give you a form for your clinician to fill out on the first visit.

  • They may want to contact us.

  • They may require you to see your medical doctor first.

  • They only pay for certain codes and services that you will want to tell your therapist about.

Check Out-of- Network Insurance

Make sure you look at your out-of-network rates
  • We will be considered out-of-network and thus if you do get reimbursed it will likely be at these rates.

Check Your Deductible

If you haven't met your deductible then you will not recieve money back until the deductible is met.

  • But submitting your claim will begin paying toward your deductible.

Be Persistent

If you have submitted a claim and got denied

  • Call and see why

  • Resubmit 

  • Advocate for yourself

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