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Schedule your comprehensive musculoskeletal evaluation today.

MakeYour Life Easier ... NOW

Get the Pteverywhere app on your phone so you have easy access to scheduling, making payments, and your individualized home exercise programs




1. Create a User Account 

2.Click on Schedule 

3.Pick an Initial Evaluation Opening that suits you

4.Fill out the Packet online that will be sent to your email

5.Arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment

Video Tutorials

Here are a couple of videos to help you get started and get the most out of your account.


~Setting up your account  (2 mins)              ~ Using your account (3 mins) 

Massage Therapy




60 Minute Physical Therapy Evalution


45 Minute



Fitness and Wellness Classes

Talk to your Physical Therapist.  See if N.O.W. is a good fit for you to help meet your goals! The more we know about you, the more we can guide your plan. 

Book a 15 minute phone conference here prior to scheduling an appointment.


Complementary 15 min Interview

During this 60 minute or greater evaluation, your therapist will take a detailed inquiry into your impairment including a history and medical screen, as well as a comprehensive physical assessment.  Your therapist will educate you on the recommended action plan, as well as provide educational materials and exercises to help you reach your goals. 

Book a One-on-One Evaluation 

During this 45minute or greater follow-up session, your therapist will continue to provide one-on-one treatment tailored for your needs.  These services may include hands-on treatment (joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization) and movement training with specific exercises prescribed. 

Book a

One-on-One Follow-Up Session

These classes are NOT billable to insurance, however offer assistance in maintaining wellness or achieving fitness goals and flexibility or aid in prevention of injury.  These classes vary from month to month and can be purchased in packages. 

See here to see what this month has to offer. 

How Much Does It Cost??

We are happy to provide our rates over the phone. We charge flat fees based on 1-hour sessions for the first visit and follow-up treatments.  We also offer a student discount for college students! While our rates are set, we prefer to talk with new clients over the phone to gather preliminary information on what you are hoping to achieve with Northwest Orthopaedics & Wellness. This allows us to give you an idea of what your visits will look like and how many you may need to accomplish your goals. Because we are a cash-based practice there will never be any hidden fees or bills sent to you at any time after your appointment.  We are proud to offer completely transparent billing!


Please schedule a "Free 15 Minute Phone Interview" here!.

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