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Personalized Physical Therapy

Northwest Orthopaedics and Wellness individually tailors a physical therapy program for your specific needs.

Our goal is to engage, educate and empower each individual to start living their best life... NOW!  


Your First Visit: Evaluation

The foundation of excellent treatment is an accurate biomechanical assessment. We have specialized post-graduate training in how to perform a  comprehensive evaluation, including taking a thorough medical history while understanding how systemic illness impacts your injury. Depending on your condition, treatment may begin on your first visit.


Your Follow-Up Visits

Your follow-up visits are based on the evaluation and will continue with one-on-one treatments with the Board Certified and Fellowship Trained Doctor of Science in Physical Therapy Specialst who evaluated you on your first visit.  We believe that you deserve this individualized continuity of care. Treatments may include manual therapy, therapeutic exercise and neuromuscular reeducation, in order to regain proper movement to  decrease your pain AND address the culprit contributing to the symptoms.


Your Final Visit

Throughout your treatment sessions, your home exercise program with progress with your improvement in mobility, strength and stability, and neuromuscular control. When you and your therapist have determined that you have attained your goals, you may be discharged to continue your individualized program independently, or may join our Get Moving NOW classes.


Stay Moving... Join our Fitness and Wellness Classes 


We want you to maintain all the proper movement, strength, and stability that you have worked so hard to achieve.  We are your movement specialists and are committed to helping you live your best life!

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