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Successful treatment is not a "one size fits all" method 

We take great pride in seeing our patients not only return to their daily activities, sports, hobbies, etc., we empower our patients with tools and lifestyle changes to truly begin living their BEST life! 


Our philosophy is treating the physical body as a whole in order to treat the root cause of the issue.

For example, pain in your foot does not necessarily mean the pain is being caused by a foot issue. There could be a back or hip dysfunction leading to pain in your foot.  We understand that treating only the foot will- at the most, help the foot pain temporarily, but not really "FIX" it at all. At Northwest Ortho & Wellness, we get to the CULPRIT of the problem, not just the VICTIM.


For almost 2 decades Dr. Valerie Coolman has treated patients coming from “typical” physical therapy clinics after not seeing results. At Northwest Orthopaedics & Wellness, we provide a unique approach and value the importance of working one-on-one with the patients. You will be treated by the same Doctor of Science in Physical Therapy, who has dedicated most of her life to learning the science behind the human body. However,  science far extends beyond knowledge learned in a book. Scientists "problem-solve." All scientists are united by their relentless curiosity and systematic approach.  Dr. Coolman is dedicated to helping you solve the "problem." Ever wonder why your (fill in the blank) still hurts after seeing 2 doctors and 3 Physical Therapists? Have you wondered why if you get better it is only short-term?  Dr. Coolman will continue to think like the Doctor of Science that she is and will assist you in solving the problem. Treatments will most often consist of manual or (hands-on) treatment, as well as exercise and education throughout your sessions. The exercises are with the same specialist, who is with you WHILE you are performing each exercise.  This allows us to correct your movements immediately, in order for you to develop the correct muscle memory and mitigate compensatory patterns. 


Additionally, your doctor recognizes the importance of patient education.  We believe that knowing the "WHY" assists you in making long-term lifestyle changes necessary for success!


Typically, it will not be necessary for you to come into the clinic three times a week. We believe strongly in empowering each patient to take part in their own rehab at home.  


It is the mission of Northwest Orthopaedics and Wellness to treat each individual as a unique and whole-person, deserving of a comprehensive assessment and treatment approach, which is tailored specifically to achieve a pain-free and independent lifestyle.

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It is the vision of Northwest Orthopaedics and Wellness to provide integrated physical therapy and wellness services in an  encouraging environment where each individual is educated and empowered to enhance their physical health and achieve their personal goals. 

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