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Physical Therapy

Mentoring Opportunities

  • On Site Mentoring

    • For Fellows-in-Training or Residents

    • For Physical Therapists looking to Improve in clinical reasoning and assessments and techniques

  • Mentoring in Research

    • For Fellows-in-Training or Residents

    • For Physical Therapists looking to add to the body of knowledge

  • Virtual Mentoring:

    • In the Clinic with HIPPA Compliant Technology

  • Virtual Mentoring:

    • Clinical Reasoning with case scenarios

    • Technique Practice 

Click on the link below and select the appropriate service. Then choose the date that works best for you!

My Journey

I knew early on (4th grade) that I wanted to be a Manual Physical Therapist. Read here if you missed that...

My Bachelor of Science in Anatomy and Physiology Degree was quickly followed by a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy Degree.  I worked as a Physical Therapist for about 6 months prior to embarking on a Doctorate in Science in Physical Therapy.  During that degree, I also earned a certification in Manual Therapy and then a Certification in Manipulative Therapy, while practicing as a Physical Therapist.  I had a lot of knowledge of the SCIENCE of how the body works and how tissues heal and even the complex biomechanics of every region of the body.  I even learned how to assess, and analyze the complexity of pain while mastering manual skills to treat my patients.  Yet, it was not until I entered my Fellowship of Orthopaedic Manual Therapy and was mentored for HUNDREDS of hours that my THINKING, my problem solving, and clinical reasoning started to really catch up to the FACTS I already knew.  Furthermore, my hands started to truly FEEL MOVEMENT and my eyes could SEE inconsistencies. It was through mentorship that I gained skills that cannot be taught in a classroom, a book, or on a computer.  It was through the eyes, the thinking, and the hands of my MENTORS that I am now able to help patients who have failed other therapy. This is what MENTORSHIP can do for you too. 


My Mission as a Mentor

I am a product of great mentors. I would NOT be where I am today without people who were dedicated to pouring into my life. A lot of people with great mentors have gone further than they ever thought they could because someone else believed that more in them than they did in themselves. Now, it is my mission not to walk ahead of others to show what I can do but to walk alongside them to show what they are capable of achieving!

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