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You are uniquely and wonderfully made and your body works as a whole. If one part is injured- your whole mind and body are affected.


Orthopaedics & Wellness

NOW~ You are the priority!

Experience A Different Approach in Physical Therapy

Dr. Valerie Coolman

Valerie is a seasoned physical therapist, practicing for almost two-decades. Valerie knew from an early age that she wanted to be a PT, see story here. She volunteered in Physical Therapy beginning at age 14 and also worked as a Personal Trainer in college. She has always been passionate about health and wellness and has spent the majority of her career as an orthopaedic specialist, always striving to learn more about the fascinating, yet complex human body in order to tackle the most difficult cases.

 As a key facilitator in Post-Professional Physical Therapy Education, she continues to teach manual therapy courses and mentor current Physical Therapists. Valerie currently is working on a Functional Anatomy textbook which she looks to publish in 2021 for all Physical Therapy and Medical Schools. 


Clinic Philosophy

 Valerie believes that you deserve individualized treatments for your unique body, unique past experiences and unique goals. Many times physical therapy services are delivered by what an insurance company dictates is best for the patient. Valerie believes in a patient-centered approach with the freedom to put her patients first and determine the best treatment plan without bias from an insurance company.  Valerie is passionate and dedicated to taking care of YOU. While you have the opportunity to submit the superbill to your insurance, Valerie will not make her treatment decisions based upon what is best for the insurance, rather what is best for you. When you join Northwest Orthopaedics and Wellness you are not just a patient, you're family.

What Sets Her Apart


After completing her Bachelor of Science in Anatomy and Physiology and then her Master of Science in Physical Therapy degree, she began practicing as a licensed physical therapist.  Although, married and practicing she quickly determined there was more to learn and pursued her Doctor of Science in Physical Therapy degree from Andrews University and graduated with an overall 3.88/4.0 GPA in 2006. She passed the Certified Manual Therapist (CMPT) exam in 2005 with distinction and Orthopaedic Certified Specialist (OCS) exam awarded by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) in 2008. Valerie also passed the Certified Manual Manipulative Therapist (COMT) exam in 2008, with distinction. Valerie became a fellow of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapist (FAAOMPT) in 2010. 

Outside of the Clinic

 While Valerie is passionate about treating patients of all ages and orthopaedic diagnoses, sharing her passion with other PTs on a journey of pursuing excellence.

Valerie embraces the value of health and nutrition and believes firmly that we will never be the healthiest version of ourselves without addressing all aspects of our being: mind, body, and soul.

She enjoys spending time outside and loves all things sports! In her spare time, you will see her “Behind the Bench” cheering on her husband of over 20 years, Head Varsity Valparaiso Basketball Coach Coolman, or one of her active children. Together, the Coolman family supports coaching families through their business called CHAMPIONSHIP STANDARDS, where they teach the value of the "Home Court Advantage."

Individualized Treatments...You deserve it- there is no one with EXACTLY your body, your past-experiences and your goals 

Osteopath at Work
Gym Workout
Basketball Players

Healing is expedited with expert care, individualized treatment plans, and hands-on therapy. Rest assured your care is with a specialist, dedicated to assisting you to resolve your pain and injury and also equip you with tools to stay healthy for life by fixing the underlying biomechanical impairments.




  • Complex Chronic Pain

  • Athletes and athletic injuries

  • Repetitive Use Injuries

  • Post Surgical Rehabilitation

  • TMJ Dysfunction

  • Neck and/or Back Pain

  • Lower extremity: Hip, knee, ankle, foot

  • Upper extremity: Shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand

Shoulder Treatment



  • Therapeutic Exercise

  • Manual Therapy- soft tissue and joint mobilizations/manipulations

  • Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

  • Gait Training

  • Balance and Coordination Training

  • Electrical Stimulation

Manual Therapy

Is Manual Therapy Different Than Physical Therapy?

It is a form of physical therapy that differs from conventional therapy with a hands-on approach that finds the source of the dysfunction.

One-on-one work with your therapist. Designed to restore normal movement, reinforced with neuromuscular re-education exercises.


  • Spinal and Peripheral Joint Mobilizations and Manipulations

  • Myofascial Release and Soft Tissue Release

  • Neural Mobilizations

Exercise Prescription

All programs are tailored for YOU! We utilize specific neuromuscular re-education exercises designed to reinforce proper movement, posture and stability in order to keep you pain-free and active. We incorporate controlled resistance training to help  achieve your desired results. 


  • Neuromuscular Reeducation

  • Resistance Training

  • Core Stability Training

  • Balance and Proprioceptive Training

 Elite Level

Physical Therapy

Athletes maintain a level of physical activity above most people and have unique therapy needs! We treat the injury, look for underlying causes, identify future potential problems and restore and maximize proper movement patterns, in order to relieve pain, improve impairments and return you to the sport that you LOVE!


  • Functional Movement Screening Assessment 

  • Lower Quadrant Biomechanical Assessment

  • Upper Quadrant Biomechanical Assessment

  • Gait, running and jumping analysis

Opportunities at Northwest Orthopaedics & Wellness 

The Best is Yet to Come!!

Specialized in treating COMPLEX neuromusculoskeletal dysfunctions 


After already going to PT with no help, I was reluctant to try again.  I am so glad that I found NOW.  This is so much different.  I really needed the hands-on approach!  


The individualized treatment program was the difference maker for me.  My injury was unique and NOW quickly assessed the injury and gave me different exercises and provided manual therapy to speed the healing up!


I had neck pain for years.  I didn't realize that my joints were not moving like they should and all of the stretches were making me more sore.  I was incredibly surprised how quickly my neck pain subsided after one manual therapy session.


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